Follow YOUR Dreams!

Last week as I walked along the stretch of our estate drive I spotted a lady on the far end of the drive. It looked like she was deliberating on whether to come into the estate or not. Well I do understand if someone deliberates on whether to walk along our estate drive, there are huge monkeys/baboons, columbus monkeys and you won’t believe it but there are actually warthogs when the forest is really dry! So if you don’t come from around our area you will be totally freaked out, men included but I won’t mention some of their names for security purposes lol!

Anyway so this girl: when I get to the end of the drive she stops me to ask a question, “Huku ni South B?” (Is this South B?). I almost burst out in laughter! She had no idea how far off from South B she was! She told me that she was going to meet someone in South B, and the person’s phone was off! Poor girl… First the guy doesn’t tell her which bus to board, second his phone goes off when she is actually lost! Smh.. I felt pity on her..

Since I was heading somewhere close to there, I offered to show her the cheapest and fastest way to get there by connecting buses and pay her fare because she kept on asking if it was going to be costly. When we got into the bus we started talking. She asked if I was in campus and what course I was pursuing. She went on to tell me that she had just finished high school and wanted to pursue medicine but people were discouraging her and instead telling her to pursue a teaching course! Smh..

This is  what I told her, “If your heart and mind are in congruence and you have decided to pursue medicine then by all means go for it. Let no one discourage you with lies from here to the end of the world. Many people will discourage you because they are afraid that you will become better than them and some hate to see you succeed, most are fueled by malice and they will not stop at anything to bring you down. Go pursue medicine and become the best doctor you can be.”

The reason why I told her so was because, four years ago, the same voices were knocking at my door. Every one had a reason why I didn’t have to go to Strathmore, people wanted me to choose a university with more “freedom” obviously oblivious of what freedom truly means, poor souls. Some even went ahead to discourage me because I had not done well in Math in my high school exams. They thought I wasn’t good enough to pursue any math related course! Someone felt like I should do HR! (I would have dozed off in every class). Atleast some wanted me to pursue my childhood dream and that was law.

But my heart and mind were in congruence, I wanted Strathmore, and I wanted Finance! I shut my ears away from all the negativity and chose to go my way and God was there every step of the way! As I write this graduation is 24 days away and I am graduating as a Finance major, with good grades. God has been truly faithful to me, and I believe that He will continue to be faithful. 

I chose to follow my dreams and it paid off, so choose to follow your dreams, no one except God knows where your dreams will lead you to, no one can share in your vision for your life, so stop listening to people’s opinions about your future and start working on it! 

I hope that girl got a bit from our short conversation enough to follow her dreams.


4 thoughts on “Follow YOUR Dreams!

  1. wow ashley, such a nyc read… am in a job I don’t like and on the verge of quitting to follow my dreams…. maybe I’ll blog too n tell y’all abt it, n include this post as one which encouraged me to follow my dreams too… n yaaay graduation!!!! can’t wait… 🙂


    • I am so glad this post has encouraged you! If I don’t help change people’s lives then I have no business blogging. Pray about it and take a step of faith 🙂 and please blog about it!


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