Past the Post Card Era..

Missed me yet? I know you did hehe, I took a sabbatical of some sort from the outside world, ok I kid, what is important is that I am back.

So have you ever thought of sending a postcard or a letter? I am not talking about those in high school because that is the norm, the love letters with calligraphy on the envelopes, some sprayed with cheap perfume just to woo the other part. Oh I remember such days with nostalgia. When all we worried about was the number of letters you got per week.

A couple of months ago I got an email from a lady I admire and respect and this is what t read:

“My friend Fred Fuentes’ son needs your inspiration! His son, Devien, will be graduating from high school and is working on a little project and it would be fantastic if you could be part of it! It’s very simple – All you have to do is send him a post card with words of wisdom or an inspirational quote. He’s hoping to get 100 post cards with inspirational words as he moves into his adult life. What a great idea! Thank you in advance for sending your card! I already asked permission to publish their address, so please mail the postcards directly to Devien: Devien Malik Fuentes 2117 Tuloso Road, Corpus Christi, Texas 78409 USA”

Now some of you are already thinking “really?”, or “sasa huyu anataka inspiration ya nini?” (now why does this one need inspiration?), or this is going to be a timely and costly venture especially from this side of the Sahara. I should tell you that you cannot place a price tag on inspiration, motivation and a kind word. They are invaluable.

I am working on my dreams, in all aspects, socially, career wise, education wise, just as everyone presumably is. And sometimes I get so overwhelmed, so demotivated and worn out, especially when I think that some things are not working out in my favour. In such times, that text or call with an encouraging message lift my spirits. I would post one such text but the sender would probably kill me for exposing them lol. Simple acts of kindness melt the heart.

I have been a recipient of such love and kind words, and I plan to extend the same to others. Would it hurt to send an encouraging text, or a pass it on card, or a flower, for those who love flowers, or a hug, or cake? I am sure you can find a pocket friendly gesture to pass on and push someone forward.

Don’t you dare say, “But no one has ever done such things for me?”, because that there is a stinking attitude and ain’t nobody got time for that. We don’t do things because people have done such for us, we do things because we are catalysts for change, for good and for the kingdom.

Devien will be a recipient of my inspiration, lol I feel like Mahatma right now, but I hope that somewhere in all those words in the many postcards he will receive, he will find motivation, excitement, wisdom, love, kindness and knowledge. And eventually this will create a ripple effect in the long run.

I am all about empowering people to go for their dreams, encouraging them to take leaps of faith, and making a difference. Are you?

Let me go back to listening to Obama’s speech and some 21 year old guy from Zimbabwe who is already on his third start up… 🙂


Here is my post card to Devien 🙂



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