The Little Things

Today was my day to binge eat, Yes there is such a thing as binge eating, eating unnecessary things, mostly out of stress, I have been stressed lately, may be I should start running, I hear exercising helps you release stress, it is therapeutic in some way.

Back to my binge eating, it never involves anything healthy, only greasy fast foods, lots of candy and chocolates. Then at the end of the day, the food doesn’t solve my problems, it only makes me feel worse, or rather fat!

I had these awesome plans today, ditch class, go shopping (another therapeutic session) then buy fast food and eat! The person who was to deliver my order wasn’t available so I went to class, then the lady in the kitchen (1st lady) made me have the lunch she was cooking (for free). So now I had no reason to buy food sigh.

The bus I boarded dropped me far off from home, about a forty minute walk, I decided to walk anyway, you know to exercise and stuff, in the heat, it was an excruciating walk but I did it, for the sake of those 2 kgs I have gained.

Along the way I met a man, looked like he was about 60 years. Normally I never say hey back to strangers, of late women included, but this was an exceptional case, he didn’t look like an old rich man. I insist on rich, because most of them are out to hook up with young  girls (for shame). This man looked troubled and indeed he was. 

 He asked for 20 shillings to buy food, I looked at him skeptically, not because I doubted him, but because I doubted what that 20 shillings could for him. He asked if I could buy him food from the nearby mall and I obliged.

Me: Do you have a wife and kids?

Him: Yes I do! How did you know? (I am a secret angel hehe) Is it because of my beard? (No, I noticed you have grey hair). I am 50 years ( I swear he looked 60, my paps is 54 but he looks much younger)

Me: Hehe I just guessed.

Him: You must be 20 or 21, you look like you are my daughter’s age.

Me: I am 22.

Him: Can I pick a basket?

Me: sure thing.

We shopped and he was very humorous in the way he was justifying everything he took. He actually made me laugh. At the end of it all this were his exact words,

“God bless you so much, I pray that He will bless you more, you will even stop walking and start driving soon, and if you have any clothes you don’t wear I would like you to give me I take to my daughter.”

His name is Wilfred, he made me realize that even though things are not working out as I would want them to do, I am still blessed beyond measure, I have the little things people take for granted, a home, food, family, friends and even clothes to wear.

I hope the little I got him will be much in his family’s eyes. Nothing makes me happy like giving.

All I could say when we parted ways was Amen!






4 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. You bless my heart Ash…… I hope you got his contacts because i have some clothes to give away.. let me know how we can take those clothes to his daughter and may be wife. Many Blessings dear. This investment in others is not in vain.


  2. I read this yesterday on a matatu I was to comment but I forgot when I alighted!! so Ash, I’m touched by what you’re doing and it’s challenged me to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do now I don’t have to have it all figured out to start!! It’s about doing big things in small ways!! so thank you for this. love your blog BTW. and you have a beautiful soul ❤❤ you always challenge me in my walk of faith too but anyway….story for another day!!


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