The Big 2-4!

I turned 24 this week! Just one more year to the year of social pressure, you know the time when you start getting asked questions like, “sasa when are you getting married?”, “Kwani you don’t have a ka friend to introduce?”, “What are your future career prospects?”. Aah the stress that gets to me when I think about that. I will now concentrate on enjoying 24 and the freedom that comes with it away from societal pressure. I have 24 lessons that I have learnt so far in this short life of mine, I think they would be awesome to share, and probably relatable too!

  1. Age is just a number, cliche right? It is however so true, I have seen many people who have achieved so much by 24, go for it!
  2. Education is key, knowledge is imperative, do all you can to acquire both and read widely, you will sound even smarter trust me!
  3. Laugh, laugh and laugh more, this life can hit you hard, sometimes you need to chill and have a good laugh 😀
  4. Start being healthy, eat healthy and exercise, nothing screams horror like that extra flab or the shooting of the weighing machine arrow! You will need that healthy body for years to come.
  5. Don’t compare your life to others, what looks good on the other side has been struggled and prayed for, do the same for your side too!
  6. Listen to good music, music gets to the soul, the quality of music you listen too affects who you are too.
  7. Love on your friends, but start first by knowing who is your friend, many people confuse acquaintances with friends.
  8. Celebrate the achievements of people, no one wants a sour potato among them, today its me and tomorrow it is you.
  9. Be careful about your spending, spend on what you need not what you want, but once in a while treat yourself too, you deserve it!
  10. Travel when you get the chance, wherever you can, even if it is to the next town, there is always something to learn outside your surrounding.
  11. Speaking of which, life begins at the end of your comfort zone, I am experiencing that kind of stretch, scary but worth it.
  12. Culture shock is real! And it’s effects too, I have found myself doing funny things to deal with it like over-cleaning everything, to random karaokes in my room, to questioning my decisions and sudden outbursts of tears, sounds exaggerated but I kid you not, it happens.
  13. These people who take selfies in the plane next to the window with the wing in full view, what is wrong with you? Do you take selfies in a matatu too?
  14. Everyone has to learn how to cook, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, that is a basic survival tool and it will save you one day, so place your pride aside and learn those recipes.
  15. There are things you never compromise in life, whether it is for the sake of friendship or that job, those are your values and beliefs.
  16. Sometimes, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we all need time to recharge, alone, without distraction, learn to love your own company.
  17. Make friends who are different from you, whether it is by race or social status, you will learn so much more about life.
  18. Someone told me that I have only one skin and I need to take care of it by using the right products, never mind that he was a salesman frantically trying to get me to purchase their products for an arm and a leg, but he made sense though.
  19. Letting go of something you are attached to or someone you love is one of the hardest thing in life, so hard it could drive you crazy literally, some days it gets easier and some days it gets hard, but each day you pray for grace.
  20. Invent something new, unleash your creativity, be innovative, at first they will call you crazy, then they will start to ask how you did it.
  21. Pursue your dreams with all your heart, it might seem crazy to others but go ahead anyway, I think God loves a challenge, trust him.
  22. Your family should be precious to you, dear to your heart, the most important people in your life, they will love you at your best and also at your worst, they are unconditional.
  23. If you are a Christian, choose obedience, Noah wasn’t saved by grace, he was saved because he was obedient, walk in righteousness, and choose to follow Christ unashamedly.
  24. Pray, pray and pray, I have seen miracles happen when I prayed, God doesn’t sleep nor does He slumber, His ears are always open to hear you, prayer changes things.

Happy 2016, go forth and set the world on fire! (ok not literally 🙂 )DSCN1245


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